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Belkin N300 Setup: Everything You Need to Know

Belkin offers a wide range of networking products to make the user’s digital experience wonderful. If we talk about Belkin range extenders, they are one of the outperforming devices in the market today. But, when it comes to the Belkin N300 range extender, it is ruling the charts. If you’ve got the same extender, then, first of all, we would like to congratulate you. But, owning the device and making it up and running are different things. Do you know the steps to do Belkin N300 setup? If not, then this post will be your helping hand. Here, you will get to know about two different methods to set up your Belkin N300 device. Continue reading.

Methods to Perform Belkin N300 Setup

Belkin N300 range extender can be installed using two different methods that are as follows:

1. Manual method

2. WPS method

The factor that makes both the setup methods different is the use of the connection source for the extender-router connection. WPS method utilizes the wireless source for establishing the connection between WiFi devices whereas you can also opt for a wired source while doing Belkin N300 setup manually. Apart from this, the WPS setup can be done with the push of a button. On the other hand, you have to access the dashboard of the Belkin N300 extender in the manual method.

Now, let’s shed light on the process of getting your Belkin N300 wireless range extender installed using both these methods.

Belkin N300 Setup Using Manual Method

Give a shot to the steps discussed below to install the Belkin N300 extender using the manual method:

  • Connect your Belkin N300 extender to an electrical outlet near the main router in order to power it up.
  • Thereafter, take the help of an Ethernet cable to connect the extender and router.
  • Now, gain access to a laptop. FYI, you can also use a computer to perform Belkin N300 setup.
  • Run a web browser that you like.
  • Take the cursor to the address bar and insert belkin.range into it.
  • Press Enter to reveal the admin page of your Belkin N300 extender.
  • On reaching the Belkin login window, insert the default admin details of your device and select Login.
  • The next screen will show several instructions. Follow them.
  • Once you’re done following the instructions, save the changes.

That’s it! You’ve successfully completed the Belkin N300 setup process using the manual method. Now, let’s make you aware of the extender installation via the WPS method. But, before hoping up to the steps, know that the WPS method will only work if your host router also supports the WPS configuration. Else you’ve to go ahead with the manual method only. You can contact our experts at any hour of the day if you’re unable to make your device work using the aforementioned steps.

Belkin N300 Setup Using WPS Method

  • The guidelines mentioned below will help you install your Belkin N300 extender via the WPS method:
  • Ensure that your Belkin N300 WiFi extender is placed in the same room as the main router.
  • Plug your Belkin N300 range extender as well as the host router into a power outlet.
  • Now, start looking for the button named WPS on your Belkin N300 extender.
  • Have you found the button? Good! Now, press it.
  • Turn to your main router and press the WPS button on it too.
  • Wait and let the Belkin N300 setup process get completed.

In this manner, you can set up your Belkin N300 range extender using the WPS method. Now, stream Netflix, listen to Spotify, play online games, or do whatever you want to do with the help of a strong internet connection offered by your Belkin device.

Sum Up

Doing Belkin N300 setup is all about fulfilling the requirement of accessing a blazing-fast internet connection. We hope that this post has provided you with enough knowledge about Belkin extender setup. Just in case you need more guidance regarding the same, consider getting in touch with our technicians.

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