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Orbi Factory Reset

Is your Orbi not performing well enough? Has it stopped working after receiving a firmware update? If any of these questions have received a vote, then doing Netgear Orbi factory reset is the best solution for you. How does factory reset help in resolving such problems and why it is considered the best one, this page reveals everything.

How Netgear Orbi Factory Reset Works?

The user is suggested to factory reset Orbi when all the hacks like rebooting, updating firmware, replacing the Ethernet cable, relocating the router, etc. are of no avail. Experts call it a one-stop solution because it erases the issue you were struggling with. However, you’ll lose the current configuration of your WiFi router which can’t be retrieved if you’ve not backed up the device’s settings. Also, your router and satellites will un-sync after doing Orbi router factory reset.

You need not worry as the factory default reset provides you with the golden opportunity to set up your Orbi WiFi system again. In other words, your Orbi will start flaunting the factory set values for the password, SSID, and security settings which can be customized in a few simple steps.

Netgear Orbi Factory Reset Works

Prerequisites to Factory Reset Orbi

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before resetting your Orbi. Thus, it is necessary to know about them before starting the Netgear Orbi factory reset process. They are mentioned as follows:

  • The first thing you’ll need is a well-working power socket. Know that your Orbi won’t return to the default factory settings if it is not getting enough power from the socket it is plugged into. Additionally, there should be no power fluctuations from the back end. You can use a UPS to get rid of sudden power surges or outages.
  • Secondly, ensure that your Orbi should share no connection with any of the devices. Not even with the modem. Keeping the connection established while you factory reset Orbi increases the chances of you getting stuck with the problem.

How to Reset Orbi?

Resetting the Orbi doesn’t require much effort. You only have to push a button. Pay attention to the instructions outlined underneath and learn the art of resetting your Orbi WiFi router to the default factory mode:

  • Make sure that your Orbi router is connected to a wall socket and is powered up.
  • Time to find the Reset button!
  • Generally, the button is located on the Orbi’s rear panel, however, its location depends on the mesh system model you own. You can contact our experts if you’re unable to locate the Reset button.
  • The moment you see the Reset button, push it.
  • Once the button is released, your Orbi will not run with issues but with the default factory settings.

This completes the section revealing the instructions to do Netgear Orbi factory reset. However, there are some users who struggle to get the process accomplished with ease. If you too are somehow unable to achieve the goal of resetting your Orbi, then the next section might be of some assistance to you.

Why You Can’t Do Orbi Factory Reset?

The only reason not letting you reset your Orbi wireless router is the improper execution of the reset process. Pushing the Reset button is the most important step in resetting the router. Perhaps, you didn’t do it correctly. Thus, ensure that you’ve pressed the button carefully. Otherwise, no matter what you do, getting rid of the issue and resetting Orbi will remain a dream for you.

Netgear Orbi Factory Reset – Manual Method

Did you find the above-discussed method a little cumbersome to execute? Don’t worry! You can also factory reset Orbi with the help of the web GUI; also known as the manual method. However, you’ve to be careful at every step of the reset procedure. The steps given below will help you restore your Orbi manually.

1. Connect Orbi Router and Modem

When the Netgear Orbi reset process was executed with the push of a button, you were supposed to disengage all the devices sharing a connection with the router. However, the manual method demands you create a connection between the Orbi router and modem. You can take the help of an Ethernet cable or a wireless source for this purpose.

2. Access

The moment you establish the router-modem connection, step ahead by switching on your PC. No viruses should be circumambulating your PC. After that, load your favorite web browser. But, it must be free of cache. Access the URL by entering the same into the address bar of the web browser. Bear in mind that no typos are allowed when it comes to the Orbi URL entree. The successful assessment of the URL will take you to the Orbi login window where you’ve to enter the default (unless customized) admin details of the router.

3. Erase Settings

After you click Log In, you will be able to see the BASIC Home screen of the Orbi router. To factory reset your Orbi, navigate to the Advanced menu. Now, select Administration and click Backup Settings. On the next window, you have to select the option labeled Erase. Once you do that, the default factory settings are what your Orbi possesses from now onwards. In case you want to customize them again, follow the instructions in the user manual.

Get Personalized Assistance to Factory Reset Orbi

Not everyone is a pro. Sometimes, the user feels hesitant to perform Netgear Orbi factory reset on his or her own. The reason is incomplete knowledge or an unknown fear. This is where our experts come in as superheroes. Contact them and get personal support to reset your Orbi router. Trust us! You’ll be grateful to them.